Hey, thanks for landing on this page. My name is Jugal and I am a QA Engineer by profession. We all have the spare time after office hours and on weekends where we decide what to do in that time. Some people watch videos, read books, play games or travel just for relaxation or it is their habit. Some people are still in search of the good habits and some of them are already having good habits. Few months back I was a kind of person who used to be in a comfort zone in his free time. My boss from the previous organization told me to join one community on Facebook called The Test Tribe Community, so I did and I just did only because my boss told me to do it and the rest is the history.

Attraction towards TTT
After joining the TTT community on facebook, I used to think that this can be like another Software Testing group which are currently working on facebook but I was wrong, day by day I was reading something new on the TTT like their events, meetups, online expert sessions, job help time, Tools and Tester sessions and many more things. So this was something which was attracting me towards the TTT. Later, I started thinking that people are doing so much more productive things in their free time and here I am, what stopping me to do that.

Step out from comfort zone
Now I was ready to bring the change in my career. We all have some specific knowledge about our domain, so one day I decided to nominate myself for the Tools and Tester session and I came up with the Topic API Testing with Jmeter. TTT gave me a platform to go live in their TTT community group. On 16th Feb’19 I delivered my session and the response was good.

How your good deeds help you in tough times?
I was looking for a job change few months back and hence went for an interview. An interviewer was a CTO of one of the carpool companies active in Pune. He started taking my interview. He kept asking me the questions but seemed like that he is still not satisfied with my answers, may be he was expecting more from my end. Later, I decided to bring up something which will make him interested in my profile. I told him that I do deliver sessions online on community platforms. He googled it, he found my session and he got amazed finally. He called up the COO for further round and he told COO that this guy has delivered some sessions online. This is how the interview went well and I got an offer.

The changes TestAway brought to me
After that interview experience, I came to know that this is a new era of competition. In interview only answers are not enough, they are expecting much more from you. I am very thankful to TTT who helped me to bring much more into my career. People of TTT inspired me further in one of their events in TestAway from where
1.I started writing the blogs with dedication which is surely inspiring someone to start utilizing their free time for productive purposes.
2.I became more serious about my career and utilizing the the free time for the right things.
3.Keeping myself hungry to get more knowledge from the people of IT industry.
4.Decided to be around with the people who make a difference which always motivates me to have consistency in efforts for my goals.

I have brought the change, have you brought it yet?

Thank You



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